Palliative and Supportive Care

At Yuma Regional Medical Center we offer palliative and supportive care designed to improve the quality of life for patients who have a variety of conditions, including advanced illness such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, frailty, chronic obstructive lung disease and advanced heart failure. The overall goal of palliative care is to help ensure the patient’s maximum comfort and emotional wellbeing. Providing this level of care requires a multidisciplinary approach with the entire treatment team to develop a patient and family-centered plan for care, based on the patient and family’s goals and preferences. Palliative care services can be provided in the hospital, at the cancer center, at home, in nursing homes, and in assisted living homes.

An important aspect of the palliative care offered at Yuma Regional Medical Center is the effective management of pain or other symptoms the patient may be experiencing. Since pain is unique to each individual, some patients may require a personalized pain and symptom management plan. This plan may include medications and/or other supportive care therapies and services to make the patient as comfortable as possible. In addition, palliative care offers assistance with advance care planning, with information sharing and decision-making for patients with complex medical issues.  
If you have questions about the palliative and supportive care offered at Yuma Regional Medical Center, please call 928-336-7252.
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