Showing your heart a little love

Isn’t a healthy heart also a happy heart?

Join Yuma Regional Medical Center as we celebrate American Heart Month in February, which is a wonderful chance to show a little love to such an important aspect of our health.

It’s true that heart disease stands as the leading cause of death in the U.S., affecting more than 1 in 3 Americans. However, do you know that heart disease can be prevented in most cases? Your lifestyle really is your best defense against the threat of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Even just a few, simple lifestyle changes - such as monitoring your diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep - can have a major impact on your heart health.

In celebration of American Heart Month, we want to offer our community a healthy, one-stop resource for residents wanting to make their hearts happy.
  • Events – Join YRMC’s cardiologists as they speak about a variety of interesting health topics.
  • Videos – Meet heart patients, learn about our physicians or discover delicious ways to get healthy in the kitchen. 
  • Heart Healthy Recipes – These great recipes can help kick-start your heart healthy lifestyle. 
  • Risk Assessments – Does the age of your heart match your biological age? Take our on-line risk assessment to find out. 
If you ever need the expert support from a cardiologist Yuma Regional Medical Center Cardiology is here to provide the highest standard of quality care to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage heart disease when you need it. 

Join us on social media for #28daysofheart, an exciting month's worth of heart-healthy tips, contests, videos and events.

YRMC's New Cardiology Clinic

Happy, Healthy Family
From preventive heart health to diagnostic testing and minimally-invasive procedures, Yuma Regional Medical Center Cardiology has you covered.
Preeti Chandra, Cardiologist
Our dedicated team of cardiologists and surgeons are here to provide you with care, compassion and expertise when you need it most. 
Couple Booking an Appointment
Schedule an appointment at one of our two clinics: Yuma Regional Medical Center Cardiology and Yuma Regional Medical Center Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Clinic. 

Heart Risk Assessment
Heart disease causes one out of every four U.S. deaths.Take our assessment to estimate your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 
Couple Cooking Heart Healthy Recipe
Kick start your heart healthy lifestyle with one of our delicious recipes. 
Stroke Care
Learn simple ways to remember stroke warning signs and symptoms.
Senior Couple Staying Active
Return to your normal activities and enjoy the healthiest, most active lifestyle you can with our full menu of rehabilitation and wellness services. 
Cardiac Rehab Patient
Participating in a medically-supervised cardiac rehabilitation program can contribute significantly to a patient’s health and well-being.
Couple interested in clinical trials
As part of our commitment to provide high-quality, cutting-edge care to our patients, we participate in several clinical trials. 
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