Cancer Care in Yuma

Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center is right here to support you – near your family and friends – offering high-quality care close to home. You’ll find a team of dedicated physicians, nurse navigators to help coordinate care, access to the latest clinical trials, complementary therapies to support healing and staff members who are caring and compassionate. Backed by cancer experts and a loving and supportive community – together we support patients throughout every step of the journey to ensure that all of their needs, emotional, physical and spiritual, are met

Local Care, a World of Expertise

Our Cancer Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. We are nationally-recognized as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program that meets the same standards and guidelines as the most highly-recognized cancer centers in the U.S.

Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center is also proud to be part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. This partnership makes it possible for our physicians to collaborate with Mayo physicians and tap into their knowledge and expertise to ensure that our patients benefit from the latest cutting-edge technology and advancements in cancer care. Our team also has relationships with comprehensive oncology (cancer) research programs designated by the American Society of Clinical Oncology at leading institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale; the University of Arizona; Hoosier Cancer Research Network and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Research Collaboration.

Yuma is known for its community collaboration, and the cancer center is no different. We work hand in hand with local organizations to support cancer patients and families. Whether it’s a support group, education, financial resources or raising awareness – together we fight cancer and support each other on this  journey. 

Patients who visit our Center are greeted with a welcoming atmosphere where they can receive the latest advances in cancer treatment along with the caring support they deserve.

If you have questions about the Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center, please call 928-317-2518.

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